The Story Behind Equinox Innovative Systems

Founded in 2016, Equinox Innovative Systems is a veteran owned small business headquartered in the Nation’s Capitol Region. Equinox Innovative Systems is a drone products company with three focus areas: Drone Solutions, Engineering Services, and Cyber Security. We aim to change the face of infrastructure inspection, temporary cellular network expansion, and military/public safety communications.

Equinox Innovative Systems is rooted in the stellar expertise and reputation of its core team. Our team is composed of industry experts across the Telecom, Aerospace, Military, and Intelligence fields. Each of our experts have been involved in real-world situations where tethered drone systems could have solved a difficult problem repeatedly with less error.

At Equinox Innovative Systems we create drone products that change the game for our customers. Not only can our heavy-lift drones replace cell towers, but our engineers are able to customize and optimize areas of the drone design that cater to industry-specific needs. By using cutting-edge patented  ultra-high bandwidth drone tether system,  flight time at and altitude of 400 feet from a fixed or mobile base station is virtually unlimited.

Equinox isn’t a product, it’s a platform. We create and deliver innovative drone solutions that are greater than the sum of their parts. We are a problem-solving company.

“There is no substitute for innovation. Original, revolutionary ideas will always rise to the top”

– Richard Branson

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